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Aqua Systems Associate

Aqua Systems has been providing a complete spectrum of leading-edge technologies from small to large scale water treatment and swimming pool filtration systems for more than 20 years. We are a Malaysian owned company and cooperate with reputable international companies such as Kurita and Waterco. We strive to achieve the highest standards in our industry, delivering results that continue to satisfy our customers.

Being a responsible company, we have always believed in the importance of building a lasting relationship with our customers, striking a balance between profitability and social conscience. That is our corporate philosophy, putting our customers’ satisfaction as our top priority.

Our expertise includes capabilities of our experienced project development team in the design, supply, installation and commissioning of water treatment plants, filtration systems for swimming pool, steam bath, jacuzzi, sauna, water features, and other similar projects. We have successfully completed more than one hundred prominent projects in East Malaysia and Brunei.

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We are the official partner / distributor for international companies such as Kurita Water Industries Ltd (Japan) and Waterco Ltd (Australia). We provide high quality products and project solutions, for municipal, residential, commercial and institutional applications.


Kurita Singapore

Kurita is one of the world’s leading water treatment companies with headquarters in Tokyo, Japan. Since its establishment in 1949, Kurita Water Industries Ltd. has provided solutions to meet its clients’ water treatment needs. Kurita’s cutting-edge technologies have gained the company recognition as one of the world’s premier water treatment companies. In addition, through its facilities maintenance, operation, and consulting businesses, Kurita is able to cooperate with its customers in the areas of quality control, safety, and reduction of operating costs. Kurita has a regional presence and a manufacturing plant in Singapore, to provide full technical support to customers.

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Waterco is an Australian company, with the largest network of pool and spa outlets in Australia and New Zealand. It is a leading manufacturer of filters used for swimming pool and other commercial water filtration applications. It has an impressive dealer network in Malaysia which owns and operates retail outlets called Watershopp These outlets sell Waterco’s extensive range of products. Aqua Systems owns and operates the only Watershoppe in Sarawak, at its premises in Kuching.

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Malaysia Swimming Pool Association

Malaysia Swimming Pool Association

We are an official member of Malaysia Swimming Pool Association MSPA.

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