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Sound corporate philosophy has made Kurita Water Industries Ltd of Japan the world's leading high technology water treatment specialist company.

Cooling towers are used to transfer heat, by removing heat from an application and evaporating it to the atmosphere. Typical applications are "comfort cooling" in buildings such as commercial or office building, hospitals, etc. "Process cooling" applications are used in manufacturing settings and include compressor cooling and injection molding machines, among others. With Water Cooled Cooling Tower systems, there are typically three main components:

The Evaporator

Typically compresses a gas to allow a heat transfer from one part of the system to another. This part of the system does not require water treatment.

The Chilled Loop

Picks up heat at a source (i.e. air handler for incoming air into a building), transfers that heat via the evaporator.

Open Loop (open recirculating)

Open to the atmosphere; contains the Cooling Tower. Heat is transferred outside the building, back into the atmosphere.

From a water treatment perspective, the most critical and challenging portion of the system to treat with cooling tower water treatment chemicals is the open loop. In an open recirculating cooling water system, the circulating water is saturated with dissolved oxygen and includes higher dissolved solids than the make-up water because of the partial evaporation at the cooling water.

Therefore, severe corrosion, scale and bio-fouling problems could develop, especially at the heat exchanger tubes with thermal load in the system, if it is operated without application of proper water treatment program to protect the equipment against corrosion and scaling. If corrosion and scaling were allowed to develop in the system, the efficiency of the system would be reduced. Thus the lifespan of the equipment will be shortened.

To arrest these problems and to maintain high efficiency of the system, the employment of proper chemical treatment program is indispensable.

For open recirculating cooling water system, there are four significant problem areas to be addressed with cooling tower water treatment chemicals:


Because water is continually being lost by evaporation, fresh water has to be added. With this water come certain impurities – hardness, alkalinity, silica, to name a few. As the water is evaporated, the impurities stay behind, increasing the potential for scale deposits to be formed in the system.


Anytime water and metal come in contact, there is going to be corrosion. How well the water treatment professional minimizes that corrosion is a measure of the water treatment program's success.


The effect of airborne contaminants (airborne dust, dirt) that are subjected to the system by movement of the air through the water and to a lesser degree by particles falling directly into the tower (leaves, bird droppings).

Microbiological Contaminants

A layer of dead or alive microbiological growths (algae, fungi, yeasts, molds, and bacteria) can cause corrosion which will lead to increased scaling. These fouling materials must be removed as they will build films on the heat exchange components. This will greatly increase energy consumption leading to high electricity bills.

Kurita Group provides a full range of treatment chemicals to ensure a safe, efficient and hygienic operation. A chemical list that caters to both process and comfort cooling systems is readily available. These chemicals can be applied to various characteristics of makeup water from Potable water source, Recycled Waste Water, Newater and High Grade Industrial water.


Kurita Singapore

One of the finest water treatment companies in world. As water conditions & characteristics differ from place to place, Kurita Group recognises the need to set up manufacturing & blending facilities to suit the local regulations and needs of industry.

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Boiler Chemical Water Treatment

Water treatment is an integral part of safe and efficient boiler operation. Boilers can be complicated systems to maintain. It seems easy enough that water heats to steam, and that steam provides power. For such a seemingly simplistic operation, care and maintenance can be anything but simple. Proper boiler treatment can prevent or correct a multitude of hazardous and costly situations.

Corrosion can occur in many key areas of a boiler. It can shorten the life of a boiler, or at the least, increase the costs associated with maintaining a boiler. Corrosion is commonly caused by the presence of dissolved gases and low PH.

In order to effectively prevent or control corrosion, a boiler treatment regimen should include maintenance of pH level as well as alkalinity. Together with proper operation, the right boiler treatment chemicals can ward off dangerous corrosion in the critical components of a boiler.

It is common for some amount of oxygen to enter a boiler from the feed water. However, too much oxygen in the boiler will cause a dangerous and costly type of corrosion. Boiler treatment chemicals include compounds that contain an opposite charge to oxygen, which prevents harmful oxidation in key boiler components.

Scale of minerals such as calcium carbonate, calcium silicate and calcium sulphate can form on any boiler surface upon which water comes in contact. Scale deposits can impede heat transfer which results in higher energy costs. Boiler treatment chemicals work to reduce scale deposits and prevent future incidents.

Boiler treatment is a key consideration for building owners and maintenance professionals. With proper operation and care, you will extend the life of your boiler and reduce repairs.

To ensure that such boiler systems are correctly maintained and operate at optimum efficiency it is essential that the correct boiler water conditions are maintained at all times. This can be achieved using carefully selected boiler water treatment chemicals. Kurita Group range of products caters for low, mid and high pressure boiler systems. Kurita Group developed low toxicity base product for oxygen scavenging, multi-functional product for ease of application. US FDA listed material products for food and pharmaceutical industries are readily available.


Kurita Singapore

One of the finest water treatment companies in world. As water conditions & characteristics differ from place to place, Kurita Group recognises the need to set up manufacturing & blending facilities to suit the local regulations and needs of industry.

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